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30 Apr 14

To everyone who is complaining about Popular Science shutting down comments ( permalink
"Why is there this expectation that every website should be a forum? No website has any obligation to provide a space for your rants. Use your own space on the web to do that."
Burying the URL ( permalink

3 Jul 13

Lockdown ( permalink

29 Aug 12

Chopped up or Cloned: You Choose ( permalink
In which I discuss the social web, what's wrong with it and how you can fix it for cheap.

25 Aug 12

Protocols don’t mean much ( permalink
RSS won not because of its great design, but because there was a significant amount of valuable content flowing through it. Formats and protocols by themselves are meaningless. That's what I say about specs. Show me content I can get at through the protocol, and I'll say something.