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4 Apr 12

Dylan’s Desk: Frustration and fragmentation rule the mobile industry — for now ( permalink
"Despite their efforts, carriers are still not moving fast enough, said Amber Case, founder of GeoLoqi, a geolocation toolkit provider, at the Mobile Summit. (Speaking from the crowd, AT&T’s senior executive VP of technology, John Donovan, took exception to that statement, and pointed out the many ways AT&T has embraced innovation and is trying to enable faster development and deployment on its network.)"

13 Mar 12

Amber Case & The Invisible Button ( permalink
Geoloqi Partners with Appcelerator and Others to Help Developers Build Geolocation Applications ( permalink
Factual: New Partnership with Geoloqi ( permalink
Location, location, location at SXSWi ( permalink
Geoloqi also found a way to keep battery usage down, a plague on location-services that are always monitoring where in the world you are.
“Cyborg Anthropologist” (and CEO of Geoloqi) Amber Case at SXSWi 2012! ( permalink
When asked how GPS-based apps can change the world, Case answered, “Once you break down the barriers of space, then you start getting superpowers, this omniscient idea of where people are.”
Ambient Location and the Future of the Interface ( permalink
Case is interested in the next generation of location, one that is ambient because it sits in the background and solves problems. Hence she has developed a platform called Geoloqi, a private location-sharing app to help address her frustrations. At SXSW she announced new partnerships with appcelerator, factual and Locaid to move Geoloqi to the next level.
Geoloqi Extends Platform with Appcelerator, Factual and Locaid Partnerships ( permalink
Geoloqi, a powerful platform for next-generation location based services, today announced strategic new partnerships with Appcelerator, a leading cross-platform mobile development platform; Factual, a large-scale data aggregation platform with a Global Places API; and Locaid, the world’s largest carrier location platform.
SXSW 2012 Apps Buzz Is Location, Location, Location ( permalink
Geoloqi makes a host of different location notifications that could have myriad consequences for consumers and businesses. Users can ask for notification reminders (“Don’t forget the tomato sauce!”) when arriving at a destination.
Geoloqi adds 3 partnerships, extends reach to 1.6M devs ( permalink
The tools Geoloqi offers can be used to develop with any carrier and on any smartphone. These include geofencing, which allows an application to monitor a specified area and provide interactions to users based on whether they’re in that zone, “battery-safe trigger zones,” which tells an app to reduce its GPS monitoring based on whether a user is near a geofence, and “location-based messaging” which pings a user with information relevant to where they are.
Geoloqi, Solver of the Great Location Problem, Partners Up ( permalink
Portland startup Geoloqi has been heralded as the one company to have finally cracked the code. It’s no accident. “We didn’t want to work on problems everyone is working on,” co-founder Amber Case told me. “We want to solve the hard ones.”
How cutting edge geolocation can change everything ( permalink
This afternoon at the South by Southwest festival here, Geoloqi founder and CEO Amber Case gave a keynote talking about the state of the art in geolocation, and how new tools like those from her company and others are changing the world.
Smartphone Battery Dead Again? Geoloqi Locates a Possible Solution ( permalink
“It’s notoriously annoying to handle all of this as a developer,” independent mobile security researcher Ashkan Soltani told Wired. “Geoloqi wraps everything together for third-party developers in a streamlined package, while also adding analytics services to sweeten the deal.”
SXSW: Why Geo-Fencing Might Change Your Life (and Make You Believe in Location Sharing) ( permalink
“Imagine a world in which location-based applications were used less to merely identify location than to dynamically coordinate one’s personal data and agenda, making the accessing of information easier and more efficient.”
SxSWi 2012 Field Notes: Ambient Location and the Future of the Interface ( permalink