This delicious-like bookmark website was created using WordPress with some plugins and a custom theme.

Twenty Links
A theme designed to look like delicious and optimized for saving bookmarks. Theme by Stephanie Leary, updated to use the custom bookmark post type by Aaron Parecki.

Bookmarks Post Type
A custom post type for storing bookmarks. Includes a custom field for storing the link URL. By Aaron Parecki.

Delicious XML Importer
Import your Delicious XML file into WordPress as posts, links, or bookmarks (using the custom post type above). Based heavily on the WordPress XML importer, written by Guillermo Moreno, Stephanie Leary and updated to use the custom post types by Aaron Parecki.

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  9. nomad says:

    Hi! Looks great and nearly perfect! I just wonder if it is possible to add a field for the description of the link?

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