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10 Apr 14

SwiftOnSecurity (twitter.com) permalink
I patched OpenSSL and due to the nature of the bug had to tell my old SSL cert that we are never, ever, ever getting back together.
Reverse Heartbleed Tester (reverseheartbleed.com) permalink
What should a website operator do about the Heartbleed OpenSSL exploit? (security.stackexchange.com) permalink
How to explain Heartbleed without technical terms? (security.stackexchange.com) permalink

6 Apr 14

Whiteboard Picture Cleaner (gist.github.com) permalink
Shell one-liner/script to clean up and beautify photos of whiteboards!

2 Apr 14

2048 and Beyond (devcharm.com) permalink

24 Mar 14

MicIO.js (colinbookman.com) permalink
Sending data from a microcontroller to any smartphone/computer

23 Mar 14

2(048) (wegnerdesign.com) permalink
Split the numbers to get to the 2 tile

21 Mar 14

2048: Doctor Who (games.usvsth3m.com) permalink
2 Player 2048 (instapainting.com) permalink
Startup 2048 (startup2048.herokuapp.com) permalink
2048 without colors (prism.clay.io) permalink